Network infrastructure:

Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Ltd network becomes a strategic asset through effective architecture, deployment and operations. Fareast Islami Life Insurance
Company Ltd have world renowned Cisco and Mikrotik base strong network infrastructure.
Our core network infrastructure is the foundation on which all IT services and applications reside. It is the "backbone" of the network that supports the entire organization's
critical functions-data processing, storage, security and voice communications, to name a few. In this role, infrastructure is expected to provide a return on investment through its ability to efficiently deliver new services that drive our organizational growth. Our expertise in infrastructure planning and support provide cost-effective data centers designed to keep pace with continually changing application and end-user demands. Therefore, having a network platform that supports both critical, Company's
Data is the most valuable asset. Businesses of every size relies heavily on data that is growing in volume, complexity and now increasingly regulated Centralized data storage and management to ensure the availability of our business critical data as well as to achieve compliance with government and industry requirements.
FILIC's powerful technological supports greater efficiency and flexibility achieved within virtualized environments and at the same time, drastically improves storage efficiency, processes, data management and data protection.

Call Center:
Call center is the links between customer and an organization. It gives our customers quick access to the information they want and enhances customer and business relationships. Considering the growing number of customers, cardholders and transactions of Fareast Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd. has set up a state-of-theart
all center. It is a world renowned Elastix Server based call center comprising of all the services a call center can provide, e.g. interactive voice response (IVR) by virtue of
which the customers are able to choose his / her options using keypads of a cell phone and listen to the responses related to his / her Policy or any other query from the system or through live agents. The customers can dial at 09613000123 any time from any land or mobile phone and connect to IVR or Live Agent, and get desired services. The initiative has shifted the level of commitment of the Insurance Industry much higher toward effective customer service.

IP Phone:
Fareast Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd. believes that modern communication device is the best option to minimize the communication cost and allow to build effective relationship with the clients and staffs. Fareast Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd. has recently installed IP Phone solution which simplifies voice and video communication at branches and head office level for all. IP Phony has been deployed in multiple branches (in different locations) of this company. This way, the inter-branch calls
would not incur additional costs.

M-Insurance Solution (SMS Service):
We have introduced a mobile SMS solution for instant queries and notification service to our clients on various aspects of insurance related matters. This will help clients to get SMS Push- Pull and notifications of various events related to the insurance Policy that have taken from Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company. For Insurance, a customer can find it easy and useful when they get instant SMS queries on their policy information and reminder as SMS so that they can ensure timely payment and receive
renewal of their policies, which will therefore, avoid the risk of being unprotected by Insurance. Now, we are providing the premium notice through SMS, also introduced the policy receiving premium deposit acknowledgment sending instantly on behalf of FILIC.

Integrated Policy Management System Software:
Information Technology Undertakes Various functions in order to facilitate computer /data enter operation, maintenance of care Insurance' s system software, so that computer use can be optimized. It also provides network communication, administration and maintenance support to different department and branch officers so as to enhance efficiency of operation and integration. In the year of 2014, IT Department successfully migrated the Oracle Database 9g Database to latest Oracle Database
11g. The department involves in planning and evaluation of software development and upgradation of Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Limited.

Data Center:
Fareast Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd. will build which comprises a world class Data Center (DC), a Disaster Recover Site (DRS), various branches and Head Office Divisions with a view to establishing a frictionless flow of information in a secured manner. The computing resources of the insurance company (Hardware, Software, Network and Telecommunication equipment etc.) have been installed in these places to ease the information exchange among the employees of the insurance company. The main items which have been installed in the DC & DRS includ the Reduced instruction set computing (RISC) based servers, Network equipment, Storage, Database and other devices from many renowned international brands.

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