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About Us


Our Vision is to have a poverty free Bangladesh in course of a generation in the new millennium, reflecting the national dream and to make a society where human dignity and rights get the highest consideration to remove of poverty.

To become the best and premier islami life insurance comapany in the country in terms of efficiency, capital adequacy, asset quantity, sound management and profitability having strong liquidity.



  • Continue delivering attractive returns to our valued shareholders by sustainable growth in business.
  • Setting high standards of integrity.
  • Become a most caring organization and employer of choice.
  • Ensuring human resources development to meet the challenges of the time by providing continued training and professionalism.
  • Bring innovation in products and services.


 Code of Conduct and Ethical Principle

We believe that business ethics practices provide a basis for the stability and sustainable growth of the company. The company has established sophisticated processes and structures exhaustive in employees conduct and ethical principles for a responsible and values driven management and control. The Code of Conduct is designed to guideline the employees of the company to observe, comply with the prudential standards of conduct, manner and behaviour. It is in alignment with the Company's Vision, Mission, Objectives, corporate culture and aims at enhancing the ethical and transparent process in managing the affairs of the Company. The employees of the company should strictly adhere to the following code of conduct and ethical principles:

  • Employees must be sincere and loyal to the Company.
  • Maintain strict secrecy of the Company.
  • Refrain from disclosing the confidential and sensitive information of the Company.
  • Behaviour must be in such a manner that will enrich the image, dignity and reputation of the Company.
  • Perform the duties efficiently and faithfully.
  • Ensure policyholders, other stakeholders’ needs and satisfaction in the best possible manner within the guidelines of corporate ethics, honesty, sincerity, dignity and utmost care.
  • Build and consolidate corporate culture in the company.
  • Ensure Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) through performing activities.
  • Pay more importance in human resources as well as financial capital.


Corporate Philosophy

For policy holders

  • To provide the most courteous and efficient services in every aspect of its business.
  • To be innovative in the development of new insurance products and services.

For employees

  • By promoting their well-being through attractive remuneration and fringe benefits.
  • By promoting good staff morale through proper staff training and development and provision of opportunities for career development.

For shareholders

  • By forging ahead and consolidating its position as a stable and progressive financial institution.
  • By generating profits and fair return on their investment.

For Community

  • By assuming our role as a socially responsible corporate entity in a tangible manner.
  • By adhering closely to national policies and objectives thereby contributing towards the progress of the nation.
  • By upholding ethical values and best practices.


Core Values

Five key core values that dictate the manner through which we provide insurance services to the nation.


We are committed to upholding integrity as one of the core values of Islam in all of our activities.


Solidarity of the nation is a must for peace, progress, prosperity and happiness. So, Islam strongly inspires us for solidarity. Solidarity of our people is our dream and wishes to see the dream turning into truth.


Fareast Islami Life comes to establish everything lawful and destroys lawlessness. This value taught us to be lawful in our all sphere of operations.

A'dal and Ehsan

Allah SubhanahuTa'ala dictates us to establish A'dal and Ehsan in all Muaamelat and Muasharat. We are here to establish A'dal and Ehsan by ensuring riba free islamic economic system.

Mutual benefits

Fareast Islami Life always concerned about mutual benefits. Our activities are nothing but to make sure mutual benefits of all stakeholders.